WTF is Verment? Verment is something I came up with designed to give your plant…

WTF is Verment?

Verment is something I came up with designed to give your plants an immediate response in all stages of growth. The beauty about the product is the response could come from several factors…
The first factor is where we start.
Verment starts as 9 gallons of water.
From there we add several cups of organic malted barley and brew at a temperature of 135° for 1 hour. This is a what's called a protein rest where certain enzymes are activated to release properties of the malted barley. Next is another brew at 165° for another hour this is called the saccharification rest where beta amylase converts starches to sugars. Finally we bring the temperature up to boil this is where we extract any remaining starches to capture polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are key to soil health.
We then run the system through a wort chiller and it is ready to bottle. This liquid alone is beneficial to plants.
From here we bottle into a reusable plastic growler.
In each bottle we add worm casting and nutritional yeast.
The type of yeast I use is basically dead which inhibits the production of ethanol but still has the vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and proteins yeast provides.
The worm casting provides the carbon source for life in the bottle to survive.
If you feed this in your compost teas or utilize as a flush period of your grows you will not be disappointed. Guaranteed.


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