Verment Review

Posted below are pics of the mycelium build up on the outside of my fabric pots as my soil recycles the leftover nutrients, roots, and the additional amendments and/or oneshot doing the recharging. Verment is the best mycelium building product, when organic material is present, I’ve used outside of adding leaves for a fungal dominant compost addition. It’s so good at building fungal growth that any extra light, lack of excess water, and an open air environment barely affects its growth rates.

I did some side by side action with Sean Bundy’s new Verment product, testing at what point in a run to start the use of this product.

I started 1/3 of my plants at week 2, a 1/3 at week 4, and a 1/3 at week 6. Side note, I also use it as an additive to my compost pile or soil pile when I put Bt in for gnats. I currently have soil cooking with this product as an addition and will get a 4 month cook.

The magic spot I found was starting it around week 3 to week 4, at 5-10ml/gal depending on your soil set up (I use less with a more built soil since it’s so efficient at soil nutrient cycling) and increasing to 10-15ml/gal in my ripening feed between week 6-8. All stages saw benefits but the magic in the 3-4 week start is that by week 6 and ripen feeds, when you back off most nutrient additions, the mycelium in the soil is so well built it cycles excess nutrients bound up in your soil so quickly you can worry alil less about calcium and carbs in the final weeks.

I found weeks 3/4 were a better starting spot than week 2 or earlier, because Verment cycles nutrients so well, my soil was alil too hot until the plants grew and their hunger really picked up mid bloom, and matched the rate at which the nutrients in my soil were becoming plant available.

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