Liquid Worm Castings (Worm Tea) As an All Purpose Plant Food

Liquid worm castings (worm tea) are an all purpose fertilizer and soil enhancer that come straight from nature with no alterations or chemical additives. They contain more than 60 elements needed by plants and flowers for optimum, healthy growth and beautiful blossoms. And they are safe for use on all types of home garden applications.

Regular use of liquid worm castings has been shown to help repel juice-sucking insects such as spider mites, aphids, and white flies from all of your plants. This blend also provides an added benefit of possessing the ability to help fight common diseases and fungal infections such as powdery mildew, rust, black spot, and other common pathogens without the use of toxic chemicals. Plants love it; insects hate it!

This product will not burn even the most delicate houseplants. It is appropriate for use on all types of plants, trees, shrubs and lawns as it maximizes growth and promotions vital root development leading to sturdy plant stock and spectacularly colorful, eye-catching blossoms.

Liquid worm castings are excellent for use on roses. Use as a regular leaf application fertilizer or drench the soil after planting to ensure vital, healthy root development and robust blooming. Regular use will help control aphids, spider mites, and white flies. Use in liquid form by applying directly on the branches and leaves. Nutrients will be absorbed quickly. Plants respond in days. Repeat treatment on the rose bush every week or ten days for optimum results.

Liquid worm castings may be used to water plants by diluting with tap water and applying directly to the soil. They supply a sustained slow release of nutrients available to the plant and will provide gradual effective feeding for a prolonged period.

Liquid worm castings are an odor free product that can be safely used on all indoor as well as outdoor plants without fear of offensive odors or appealing pesky unwanted insects.

This product works exceptionally well in hydroponics applications. Plants feed on the multiple nutrients of the castings, absorb the mountain spring water, and are invigorated by the natural steroids of the Shidigera yucca extract. The yucca extract is a ‘wetting’ agent which means the plants absorb the solution faster and more effectively. The combination of all this Promotes a symbiotic effect. The solution is a gentle blend and will not burn even the most delicious plants. Foliage spraying is also a great way to feed hydroponic plants.

“‘Go Green’ is more than a slogan; it is a lifestyle!”, Say makers of this product. They are proactive in their solution to polluting toxic chemicals which run off into our streams, waterways, and oceans as well as our underground water supplies. Home gardeners are increasingly more aware of the need to use environ-friendly alternatives; commercial growers are also coming on board in their use of all-natural fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are an ever growing phenomenon which are proving to be the wise thing to use in our home garden and on our lawns, shrubs, and trees. We have a choice – organic or bust!

Source by Major Dennis Copson

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